Ripple SVP says crypto winter provides an opportunity to build

Ripple SVP says crypto winter provides an opportunity to build

Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief Kristina Cornèr interviewed Brooks Entwistle, Ripple’s senior vice president (SVP) for global customer success at the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos, Switzerland, discussing his time in Ripple and the current “crypto winter” and what market participants should focus on. 

Having worked in prominent firms like Goldman Sachs and Uber, the Ripple SVP shared that his experience in Ripple has given him the opportunity to explore. In the past year, Entwistle shared that their team has been learning more about the industry to “understand what business models are working” and what can be improved.

Entwistle also shared that the current WEF event in Davos has given him a chance to experience the country while the weather is nice. He said that this makes it easier to interact with people and make new connections in the industry. “You just hustle for the minute you get here, you hustle non-stop and meet partners, customers and get ideas to do it,” said Entwistle.

Apart from the weather, the Ripple executive also shared his thoughts on the state of the market. He said that:

“This has happened before. It’s going to happen again. And I think for us, we’re building into it. And I think it’s an opportunity.”

The Ripple executive also said that their company is taking this opportunity to build “around the world.” Moreover, Entwistle gave some advice to the blockchain community, telling people not to focus too much on the current markets and instead, put their focus elsewhere. “In some ways a lot of this is noise and we’ve got to reduce the noise and focus on the signal,” said the Ripple SVP.

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